Why Nurse Assist continues to manufacture a safe and reliable Prefilled Saline IV Flush Syringe.

Nurse Assist has been a Medical Device manufacturer since 1999, with a specialty in water and saline products (irrigation solutions, prefilled syringes, wound flushes, etc.) In the 18+ years of manufacturing the highest quality products, Nurse Assist has always maintained one of its core values… Patient Safety.

As many of you know, there has been a need for another manufacturer to step up in a large way when it comes to the “saline” prefilled market. The allocations and backorders of injectable saline has plagued the industry for 4+ years. When we first evaluated the product and made it an internal project, we knew the importance it would have on the medical industry, not just in the sense of helping to put some relief on the current manufacturers, but because our valuable distributor partners urged us to do so.

To help a fast-growing market (estimated growth 2015-2020 CAGR 20.2%), we have developed a highly automated and vertically integrated system for our IV Flush Syringes that follows the strictest USP standards. Since the product release in January of 2017 Nurse Assist has been a new and upcoming strategic partner to many large distributors worldwide. “Nurse Assist has been extremely reliable and cost competitive in a growing market!” said one of our current distributors.

If you need a quote for your current IV Flush business or you would like to add this product to your growing portfolio, we would love to discuss the opportunities.

Thank You

Nurse Assist