Bed & Chair Sensor Pads

Not all patients and residents are the same. That’s why Nurse Assist offers the largest selection of Sensor Pads. Caregivers can consider factors such as the specific individual’s needs, environment and condition to choose the right Bed or Chair Sensor for optimum fall management. Nurse Assist Sensor Pads are designed to be used with any of Nurse Assist’s Fall Management Systems.
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Bed Sensor Pads

BPP-10A 10-Day Bed Sensor Pad 10 $235.00  
BPP-30A 30-Day Bed Sensor Pad 10 $330.00  
BPP-90TW 90-Day Tri-Wide Bed Sensor Pad 10 $670.00  
BS-6M 6-Month Bed Sensor Pad 1 $56.00  
BS-12M 12-Month Bed Sensor Pad 1 $99.00  

Chair Sensor Pads

BPP-30WC 30-Day Chair Sensor Pad 10 $330.00  
CS-6M 6-Month Chair Sensor Pad 1 $46.00  
CS-12M 12-Month Chair Sensor Pad 1 $89.00