RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless System


A drink? A tissue? Or a fall?

With the RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless System, you won’t be left guessing.
The dedicated alarm of the RN+ FALLWatch™ II is easily recognized by the nursing staff when a patient has removed pressure from a Sensor Pad and could possibly fall without immediate nursing assistance. Avoiding any confusion with the regular nurse call system, nursing staff can see what number is showing in the Console and the patient name and room number listed on the Plexi Name Board. This dedicated, wireless system aids the caregiver in this critical moment and can greatly reduce the possibility of a fall.
BPRC-RF11 RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless Console   $498.00  
BPS-11RF RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless Signal Unit   $328.00  

Digital and wireless dedicated system

Provides fall specific alarms to help staff prioritize response

Alarm works independent of nurse call system to alert staff of specific fall risk

Identifies up to 32 different bed, chair or pendant alarms within a 200 ft. operating range

Does not interfere with telemetry equipment

Wireless Signal Unit programming makes set-up easy and simple to use

FALLWatch II Console and Signal Units both sound clear audible alarms

Volume can be controlled or silenced on Signal Unit

Choose from three different alarm tones on Signal Unit

Console displays patient/resident number as listed on the board with name and room number

Console display remains active until caregiver has assisted patient/resident with activated Signal Unit

Continuously checks for Signal Units reporting a low battery

Continuously checks for damaged or out-of-range Signal Units



BATT.PAK Rechargeable Battery $29.95
NC.COIL.CORD Nurse Call Cable $9.95
NC.ACC.KIT Nurse Call Cable with Y-Adaptor $19.65
10PC.VELCRO.SET 10 Piece Velcro Set $18.00
SU.STRAP Signal Unit Strap $6.15
10RF.TRANS Signal Unit Charger $29.95