Nurse Assist Launches the 1000 mL Normal Saline and Sterile Water for Irrigation

Nurse Assist, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the 1000 mL irrigation solutions.


Some of the details to note about our product:

Bottle Design

             The bottle design is in line with our current product offerings to help distinguish our products

             Ergonomic Design

             Thicker wall on the bottle so it is not punctured or penetrated around sharp objects

             The robust container makes it a more suitable shipping product to alleviate the arrival of damaged product

             The bottle offers a safety seal and screw top dust cover for extra protection

             Labeling is easily identifiable for the industry (orange is standard for Normal Saline, and blue for Sterile Water)


Case Quantity

             6 ea. vs 12 ea.

             Smaller quantity is lighter weight for easy pickup and placement by staff members

             Makes the product suitable for smaller shipments if you ship small package options to your clients

             It takes up less room on the Institution’s shelving to help maximize spacing


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