Our company has recently experienced an increased number of calls from dental products distributors/manufacturers inquiring about our sterile water and saline products. The two main concerns expressed are 1) availability of product, and 2) interest in switching from distilled water to sterile water.

1) Allocation has been an industry-wide problem that distributors have been dealing with for the past few years; however at Nurse Assist, we have actually increased our production capacity to meet these new demands and more.

Immediate benefits to you:
• Protection from the effects of allocation, boosting your customer retention.

2) interest in switching from distilled water to sterile water

• Distilled water is water turned into clean steam vapor which is condensed and then passed through an organic filter.

• Sterile water is water that goes through an advanced multistage United States Pharmacopeia (USP) process and meets the strict standards listed in the USP monograph. This advanced multistage process is a true water purification system using Reverse Osmosis (RO) in addition to seven other steps that include Gamma Sterilization, not just a water treatment process.

Immediate benefits to you:
• Higher standard of care for the health and safety of patients.

Would you or your customers benefit from our sterile water/normal saline products? Here at Nurse Assist we want to be a valuable partner to companies aiming for the highest standard of customer satisfaction and striving to grow their business. Call us today.

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