The All-New Digital RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless System

It’s here! The all-new and digital RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless System is now available. This dedicated fall management system goes from analog to digital with the latest technology and features such as wireless Signal Unit programming!

Besides the new digital operation, wireless Signal Unit programming is one of the biggest advantages to the new RN+ FALLWatch II. This eliminates the need for a specialized Program Cord as used in the previous FALLWatch System. Nurses and caregivers can quickly and more easily change the programming of individual Signal Units, and keep patients or residents monitored for falls.

By stepping into the digital age, the FALLWatch II Console and Signal units are not compatible with the previous analog system. The new FALLWatch II System is labeled with blue graphics so it’s easily distinguished from the previous analog FALLWatch System with teal green graphics.

As we all know, the digital and wireless age is now. With digital technology, our wireless electronic devices can offer a world of new possibilities. Instead of transmitting analog waves, digital signals are broken down into the computer language of binary code. These small “bits” of I’s and O’s are smaller, faster and more easily processed giving us the ability to add new features and ease of use. For instance, the FALLWatch II’s new user interface operates by using simple UP and DOWN arrows, and the digital display show readable text. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

While this is new and exciting, the system design remains the same.

1.  Movement Detection
A patient or resident is monitored with a Signal Unit and a Sensor Pad. When the individual removes weight from the Sensor Pad, the Signal Unit alarms so assistance can be provided as quickly as possible.

2.  Dedicated Wireless Alarm
The Signal Unit simultaneously sends a wireless signal to the dedicated Console located at the nurse’s station, giving nursing staff not in the patient’s room the fastest possible indication that a fall could take place. This dedicated Console takes out the guess work for the staff. If this alarm goes off, a fall could happen if the individual is not assisted.

3. Caregiver Response
In this critical moment, the system immediately notifies nursing staff a fall could take place when a patient starts to exit a bed or chair. In only seconds a caregiver response can aid the individual and greatly reduce the possibility of a fall.

The RN+ FALLWatch Wireless System is trusted and proven in many fall prevention programs. Take a look at how the new dedicated FALLWatch II Wireless System can help you reduce patient falls and injuries.



  1. The new digital FALLWatch II is blue and programs Signal Units wirelessly! Say goodbye to the program cord.

  2. I can’t imagine a nursing home or a hospital that would not be both elated and satisfied that they are doing the “right” thing by their residents and patients by utilizing this product. Get the new Digital FallWatch II now!

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