1. why do you put the phone number as the barcode. Makes it very hard to scan for sites that have bedside scanning. Please consider changing this to the actual NDC number of the product

    • Thank you for the suggestion. Our quality department is already in process of making changes to our labels. If you have any other suggestions or questions please feel free to contact our quality department. Brady Kile is the Quality Manager and will gladly assist; 1 800 649 6800 x 11

  2. What is the NDC for the 10 ml flush?

    • Rita,

      Thank you for your comment. Our products are medical devices and do not have a NDC code, however, they are UDI compliant and have a GS1 barcode to replace the NDC code. If you would like further details please contact our sales department. 1 800 649 6800 x 26 and ask for Bryan Daniels

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