Why Nurse Assist continues to manufacture a safe and reliable Prefilled Saline IV Flush Syringe.

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Nurse Assist has been a Medical Device manufacturer since 1999, with a specialty in water and saline products (irrigation solutions, prefilled syringes, wound flushes, etc.) In the 18+ years of manufacturing the highest quality products, Nurse Assist has always maintained one of its core values… Patient Safety.

As many of you know, there has been a need for another manufacturer to step up in a large way when it comes to the “saline” prefilled market. The allocations and backorders of injectable saline has plagued the industry for 4+ years. When we first evaluated the product and made it an internal project, we knew the importance it would have on the medical industry, not just in the sense of helping to put some relief on the current manufacturers, but because our valuable distributor partners urged us to do so.

To help a fast-growing market (estimated growth 2015-2020 CAGR 20.2%), we have developed a highly automated and vertically integrated system for our IV Flush Syringes that follows the strictest USP standards. Since the product release in January of 2017 Nurse Assist has been a new and upcoming strategic partner to many large distributors worldwide. “Nurse Assist has been extremely reliable and cost competitive in a growing market!” said one of our current distributors.

If you need a quote for your current IV Flush business or you would like to add this product to your growing portfolio, we would love to discuss the opportunities.

Thank You

Nurse Assist



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Our company has recently experienced an increased number of calls from dental products distributors/manufacturers inquiring about our sterile water and saline products. The two main concerns expressed are 1) availability of product, and 2) interest in switching from distilled water to sterile water.

1) Allocation has been an industry-wide problem that distributors have been dealing with for the past few years; however at Nurse Assist, we have actually increased our production capacity to meet these new demands and more.

Immediate benefits to you:
• Protection from the effects of allocation, boosting your customer retention.

2) interest in switching from distilled water to sterile water

• Distilled water is water turned into clean steam vapor which is condensed and then passed through an organic filter.

• Sterile water is water that goes through an advanced multistage United States Pharmacopeia (USP) process and meets the strict standards listed in the USP monograph. This advanced multistage process is a true water purification system using Reverse Osmosis (RO) in addition to seven other steps that include Gamma Sterilization, not just a water treatment process.

Immediate benefits to you:
• Higher standard of care for the health and safety of patients.

Would you or your customers benefit from our sterile water/normal saline products? Here at Nurse Assist we want to be a valuable partner to companies aiming for the highest standard of customer satisfaction and striving to grow their business. Call us today.

Nurse Assist Alternative to Stryker cables

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If you were/have been purchasing any of these cables from Stryker,

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4th Quarter Orders in 2016

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In recent years we have sent out notifications to our customers in Q4 reminding of the inventory demand/supply issues during the upcoming holiday season heading into the year-end and Q1 winter months.
Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our annual year-end shutdown, there are far fewer shipping days this quarter, yet it is one of the busiest in demand for medical devices. With the ever-increasing online holiday shopping, even the freight companies are already issuing warnings. Last year it took us far into January to catch up with the strong year-end and Q1 demand.
This year we want to send this reminder early, as there are several factors not in our control that attribute to longer lead times during this time of year:
• Other manufacturers of sterile water and saline are dealing with allocation issues which has increased our demand and is expected to cause larger than normal spikes.
• Inclement weather is always a wild card that may cause delays in shipping.
• There are less days to ship due to holiday schedule.
Due to First-In-First-Out (FIFO) order processing, please plan on increasing lead times, and send in orders sooner rather than later. Keeping extra days’ supply on-hand of critical sterile water and saline products will help all of our customers.
Our materials and production capacity are both running strong to take care of you, and we want to give you the best position in the marketplace.
We appreciate your business and your patience and look forward to serving your needs.
Thank you,

Bryan Daniels
Sales Director
1 800 649 6800 x 26

Water and Saline allocation from other suppliers

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Nurse Assist, Inc. has recently learned about an allocation & shortage of Normal Saline and Sterile Water products by some suppliers in the industry.

It gives me great pleasure in informing you that Nurse Assist, Inc. has plenty of stock in our 100 mL, 120 mL, 250 mL & 500 mL sterile water & normal saline.

The earlier you place your order the faster we can help you manage your clients’ needs at this time.

Please contact us if you need more details on the products, or visit our website (

Contact Information –
Toll Free – 1 800 649 6800 x 26
Cell – 817 992 6457
Email –

Thank you
Nurse Assist TeamUSP Sterile Water & Normal Saline

Nurse Assist Appoints Brady Kile as Quality Manager

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Quality Manager

Quality Manager

Nurse Assist is pleased to welcome Brady Kile as Quality Manager. Brady graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelors of Business Administration and recently transitioned from the operations team of a large healthcare company. Brady will be responsible for Quality Assurance activities and oversee the Quality Management Systems.

Nurse Assist Receives FDA 510k for 10cc Sterile Lube Jelly Syringes

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Nurse Assist has received an FDA 510k for 10cc Sterile Lube Jelly Syringes. These 10cc syringes are primarily used in catheter kits for urological procedures. The Sterile 10cc Lube Jelly Syringes are made here in our Fort Worth, Texas automated manufacturing facility.

ITEM NO. 1101 50/case
ITEM NO. 1104 400/case

For ordering information, please call 800-649-6800 or see our CONTACT & SUPPORT page.

Nurse Assist Appoints Mark Schnoerr as VP Sales & Marketing

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Nurse Assist is pleased to welcome Mark Schnoerr as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Mark brings over 20 years of successful experience with medical device companies including sales, marketing, product management and development. Mark will be responsible for all commercialization activities as well as working closely with the leadership team on merger and acquisition opportunities.

The All-New Digital RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless System

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It’s here! The all-new and digital RN+ FALLWatch II Wireless System is now available. This dedicated fall management system goes from analog to digital with the latest technology and features such as wireless Signal Unit programming!

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